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The decision to start seeing a therapist is an important one.

It might be that you are feeling stuck in your life, at work or in your relationship. Or it might be that you're feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Or perhaps you’re contemplating making some changes to how you live? Giving yourself a dedicated space and support to work through what you're experiencing can be life-changing. Day to day living can be tough for all of us and speaking about what you're experiencing with someone who is trained to listen and support can really help.

My name is Claire Black and I am a Registered psychotherapist offering counselling and therapy in central Edinburgh. I've been working as a Gestalt Therapist in the city of Edinburgh since 2013. I offer both short term solution-focused work and open-ended counselling in central Edinburgh. I have experience of supporting people with a range of issues including those related to being LGBTQ+ , relationships and how they are for us, anxiety, depression, bereavement and sexual and gender identity issues.

I can offer help and support for your emotional health and well-being when your life is stressful or when you're experiencing change or difficulties

For me, the foundation of good therapy is a trusting relationship in which the client and counsellor are active partners. If you come to see me, we will work together to explore what's going on for you and to understand your experience. My invitation to you will be to be curious about yourself and your life and to be interested in what happens for you with me, in that way we can create a space in which you will get to know yourself better, discovering what works for you and supports you, what you really want from life and how you might best achieve this.

My task is to be alongside you as you explore, to be supportive of you and interested in your experience. You are the expert in being you, in how you understand the world around you and what you want from your life, even if it's a struggle to get that right now. What I offer as your therapist is to be with you in a respectful, non-judgmental relationship, which will enable you to understand more about who you are and how you are in the world. By working together our aim will be to increase your awareness of how you experience life and through this we can find ways for you to both accept who you are and learn more about how you might like to grow and change.

What kinds of issues might bring you to see me?

  • Anxiety - feeling worried and overwhelmed
  • Depression - lacking motivation and a sense of self-worth
  • Difficulties in your relationships
  • Questioning your sexual identity
  • Understanding your gender identity
  • Exploring the experience of being LGBTQ+
  • Coming out
  • Stress
  • Bereavement and grief
  • Unresolved childhood issues
  • Feeling dissatisfied and discontented

    Therapy is about building a trusting and open relationship that allows you to feel safe enough to explore who you are and what you want

    My practice is located close to The Shore in Leith, easily reached from central Edinburgh and with free parking. My consulting room is fully accessible within purpose-designed premises. It’s a comfortable and safe space. I offer sessions both during the day and in the evening - please click on Getting Started for more information.

    Deciding to begin therapy or counselling is, for most people, a big decision and you will very likely have questions about the process. You may feel unsure as to what happens when you sit down with a counsellor - what are you expected to do? What might they do? My aim is to be open and honest, to work with you respectfully to achieve what you want to achieve. There are no rules about what you need to do or what stage you need to be at - if you feel like you could do with some support, that's enough to make a start.

    Hopefully you will find useful information about the process of starting to see a counsellor on this site as well as plenty of information about me. I have written reviews for The Scotsman of books which deal with mental health or more general health issues, which are posted on the Blog page if you're interested in reading those. I also post articles which I find interesting or useful. If you have questions which aren't addressed on this website, I'm always happy to have a chat by phone or email prior to us meeting. Please do get in touch.

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